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About Us

We provide business and IT consultancy to OEM’s, dealer groups and retailer network from lead / enquiry generation through to order, invoicing, handover, ongoing communications, and retention throughout the business areas.

We have a skilled and experienced team who have many years of business process, implementation and system configuration to support both the traditional and modern retailing models. Many have OEM consultancy accreditation.

The team have successfully deployed CDK Drive into a major OEM’s retailer network include large PLC’s and we believe have a deployment model to achieve an optimal migration, in addition to having Kerridge Rev8 technical and process skills.

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Client Testimonials

“I am so pleased we decided to use the laptops and training environment provided for our BMW Drive roll out provided by Magna Systems. It saved us so much time and heartache of having to connect/dis-connect, move machines to different sites as it was all done for us so we could concentrate on the training and be confident that our colleagues could turn up and just start the training. It enabled the training to start on time and minimised the dreaded connection issues as the training packs were all set up ready to ‘plug and play’”

Tiffany Vaughan, Lookers PLC

“We have used Magna Systems for many years now and incredibly happy with the fast, responsive and supportive service offered. We recommend them to everyone.”

Andrew Tullie, Soper BMW

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