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Automotive IT

We are specialists in the Automotive industry. We work directly with manufacturers to help support their software and hardware.

Our areas of expertise include: Autoline, KPrint, CTI, OEM system integrations, diagnostic hardware & software, digital media / signage and eVHC systems.

We offer support for all aspects of Autoline from an IT perspective. We can support on-site Autoline hardware and software as well as KPrint and CTI servers.

OEM integrations for various bespoke manufacturer systems to work in harmony with your Autoline DMS. These include: keyreaders, parts catalogues, menu pricing, sales tool integration, external ordering systems (website ordering) and many more.

We support many diagnostic hardware and software from various manufacturers and also aid the roll-out of new systems as they become available.

Digital signage to meet modern retail standards. We provide solutions for video content streaming throughout car showrooms.

Managed Solutions

Here are some of the services we offer.

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