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Autoline DMS

We provide business and IT consultancy to OEM’s, dealer groups and retailer network from lead / enquiry generation through to order, invoicing, handover, ongoing communications, and retention throughout the business areas.

We have a skilled and experienced team who have many years of business process, implementation and system configuration experience to support both the traditional and modern retailing models. Many have OEM consultancy accreditation.

The team have successfully deployed CDK Drive into a major OEM’s retailer network including large PLC’s and we believe we have a deployment model to achieve an optimal migration, in addition to having Kerridge Rev8 technical and process skills.

Autoline Drive

Areas of available services packages:

· Change management.
We provide detailed review and actions of the change management process to support the DMS migration.

· Business process mapping.
We provide full end to end process review and actions incorporating coaching packages or ongoing business support to support best practise.

· Deployment modelling.
Full end to end project management and consultancy to ensure a controlled implementation with detailed actions at the various stages : project setup and governance, preparation, training, go live support and optimal use.

· Onsite or regional training for DMS and processes.
Using our virtual training offering (please see our product section link) we provide a full training package to support you DMS migration or report writing course to coaching package either onsite or at a regional
centre. This gives the ability to tailor and make specific training based on a course package we can train all the staff, rather than the traditional sending a small number of people off site with the cost to the business that incurs.

· Business optimisation.
After the major upheaval of a DMS migration, we plan a series of ongoing visits and workshops to maximise the business benefits. These are agreed during the change management and deployment modelling based on the individual model we design with you.

· Coaching packages (non DMS migration) for ongoing business improvements.
We provide a series of coaching packages that you can slice and dice to suit your business requirements. We carry out a free process health check and then, based on the findings offer a comprehensive toolkit to plan and implement.

· Report writing (Kerridge Rev8 and CDK Drive).
One area of continual feedback we get is the lack of reporting systems have. This leads to frustration and additional costs for other 3rd party software packages. We have a very experienced team of report writing experts who can spec, design, and train high level reports or suites. With the ability of our mobile virtual training system we can deliver specific workshops and training onsite to support ongoing maintenance.

· Webinar workshops.
We provide monthly webinar sessions on different parts of the CDK Drive solution to aid ongoing training and problems encountered.

· Group managed services.
We provide a managed service to groups who want to continually want to deploy software and processes to their businesses. We embed a team of skilled deployment specialists on a long term basis to support strategy plans.

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